The Association Institute for Research and Study of Quantum Consciousness (GAMMA Institute of Psychology) is a non-governmental organization from Iasi, founded in 2011, whose purpose is the promoting, development, research and initiative for activities in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and mental health, in particular through training programs, workshops, psychological services and psychological assistance, counseling, psychotherapy and training of specialists; also, another aim is to facilitate the cooperation between Romanian specialists from the fields mentioned above and other specialists from international area.

IAiRS – Fundacja Instytut Aktywizacji i Rozwoju Społecznego based in Lublin, Poland is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. Through its activities, the foundation aims to support young people and adults in their personal and social development by non formal education in workshops, local and international projects.
ASPAYM Castilla y León is an organization dedicated professionally to people with disabilities, which offers multidisciplinary, comprehensive and personalized services, open to all members of society, wherever they are, to help them develop their life project, through empowerment , and the defense of equal opportunities, as well as a more inclusive society
CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a non-profit organisation based in Palermo, Italy. CEIPES has expertise in Education, Innovation and Project management in different European programmes tackling the Education and the capacity building of different target groups. It also promotes lifelong learning, vocational training and entrepreneurship with the aim of enhancing opportunities for youth and adults to improve and acquire competences and therefore boost their employability and inclusion.
Associação Check-IN – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010, based in Beja, also operating in Lisbon, Portugal. Check-IN works in close cooperation with public and private entities, actively participating in quality-of-life improvement activities. As main aims of the NGO, there is promoting lifelong learning opportunities, encouraging and promoting social integration, education for sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.
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