The project “The Book of life” is a transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in which 5 organizations from 5 European countries (Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland), working in the field of youth, to develop, test and implement some innovative non-formal methods of working with young people, through combined expressive techniques, to increase their involvement in community life, to motivate them to become their own architects lives and to teach them how to gain independence, to build a healthy lifestyle, both personally and professionally. 



O1. Increasing the capacity of young people to reach the planning and implementation of a healthy lifestyle (physical, mental, emotional, and relational) through the use of innovative tools, in the process of personal and professional development.


O2. Increasing the quality of non-formal activities in the youth field, by developing, testing, and disseminating a personal and professional development toolkit for young people, as well as an integrated intervention program that youth workers can use to encourage decision-making skills for the independent life of young people.


O3. Increasing the organizational capacity of 5 European youth organizations, to use non-formal tools focused on the personal development of young people and to develop sustainable working methodologies in the field of youth.


The book of Life TOOLKIT

“The Book of Life – Write your own bestseller” will be a personal development toolkit in the field of youth. It will be a concrete guide, to support young people in the initiation process for an independent life, building a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, it will answer to the needs of youth workers and youth organizations that work with this target group. The content of the toolkit aims to plan life, increase self-esteem, and reduce problems or quite severe psychological symptoms that occur at this stage of youth’s life.

“The Book of Life” – manual for leaving home

It is a handbook that describes the systemic theory of change, the stages of the family life cycle and the changes and challenges that occur in the stage of starting independent life. It will also deal with aspects related to the management of these changes, such as time and resource management, career planning and route choice, what a functional relationship means and what are the adaptive challenges of starting one’s own family, negotiating borders to gain the necessary independence, and making decisions for oneself, knowingly.

“Tips & Tricks for Life” – life tools brochure

It is addressed to young people, within it they can find tips for leaving their home, a healthy lifestyle, relationship, time and financial management and team working. Moreover, they can find worksheets to make important decisions in personal and professional life and to evaluate their stages of the life cycle and human development and exercises for finding out life’s challenges and discovering strategies to deal with them.

“My bestseller – The hero’s journey”

It is a personal development program implemented through 6 workshops that use non-formal education as the main method, which takes place in the form of 18 hours of actual meeting, guided by a trainer, psychotherapist, or youth worker. The brochure that contains this program is a curriculum addressed to youth workers and youth organizations that in addition to the structure of the workshops, also contains the theoretical part from the perspective of the specialists, explaining how they can facilitate all these changes through group activities or in individual interactions with young people.

The website

This website is the final part of the output. A special space created for gathering the necessary resources divided in two sections. The first one is addressed to young people that are in the starting phase of their independent life. Within it, in addition to the free download of “The Book of Life” materials, they can find specialized articles related to healthy lifestyle, decision making, financial and time management and personal and professional development. The second section will be addressed to youth workers and youth organizations, within it, personal development program will be available for free, among other specialized articles. Moreover, there will be space to get in touch with the project team that developed all these materials.


The consortium met in Poland

The consortium met in Poland

On Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 of September, the consortium of the project The Book of Life met for the first time in presence for their 3rd Transnational Meeting. The meeting was held in Lublin, Poland, hosted by the partners IAiRS. After an update about the status of the...

The Learning, Teaching and Training Activities in Beja

The Learning, Teaching and Training Activities in Beja

In the framework of the Erasmus+ KA2 project, The Book of Life: write your own bestseller, a training on youth personal development was held in Beja, Portugal, hosted by the partner Check-in. From 1st till the 4th of February the Learning, Training and Teaching...

The Book of Life: Write your own Best-Seller, the first meeting article

The Book of Life: Write your own Best-Seller, the first meeting article

Project name: The Book of Life: Write your own Best-SellerProject Number: 2020-2-RO01-KA205-080635 Duration: 31-12-2020 to 31-12-2022Funded by: Co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European UnionCoordinator: GAMMA InstitutePartners: CEIPES, ASPAYM Castilla y...


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