On 31st of March the project The Book of Life, cofounded by the European Union in the context of the Erasmus+ programme, (code: 2020-2-RO01-KA205-080635)  comes to its lifespan end.

The five partners from Rumania, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland, have concluded the work in cooperation delivering the final results of the Project but it is only a new starting point for The Book of Life.

The whole toolkit, made of: a Manual for youth worker with all the theory of the family life cycle, a personal development program with 10 workshops explained step by step, the Tips and Tricks for life brochure with 50 worksheets and engaging graphics for youth to continue their pathway to the independent life and the website with all the useful resources and contacts of the partners organization, together make a guide of instruction for youth and youth worker on how to face the fundamental stage of life of launching yourself to the independent life, facing ten main topics that are part of this process. Youth are, indeed, facilitated to reflect and experiment more about their life in different fields: emotional health, healthy lifestyle, family, peer group, relational health, decision making,  time management, resource management and leaving home.

The consortium is strongly proud of the results reached and is already using in its everyday work these precious tools.

Thanks to the wide network of each partner and to the extensive dissemination more and more organization are already able to use The Book of Life and more will be reached Europe wide in the next months.

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